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Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates Speeches and Q and A Session.docx

2019 Presidential and Vice-Presidential Campaign Speeches

The document above can be downloaded and includes links to our private TBU Election YouTube channel where you can view the speeches of all four candidates and the two Question and Answer Periods for the candidates.
These videos were made at our Annual General Meeting held on Monday, May 13, 2019.

As per our Constitution, the speeches were 5 minutes in length and the two Question and Answer Periods were 10 minutes in length.

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Election Website List for Candidates.docx

This document lists the website addresses of all four electoral candidates in the 2019 TBU elections.
These addresses were also shared on the WRDSB OSSTF and Occasional Teacher Gmail Groups on May 6, 2019.
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TBU Election Posting #2 March 19.doc

This is the final list of nominees for the TBU elected officers election 2019 as of March 22, 2019.
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Nomination Form Elected Positions.doc

The nomination form to be used for all TBU elected officer positions.
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The Role of the Bargaining Unit President.docx

Pending potential updates to the TBU President job duties section in the TBU Constitution at our 2019 AGM, Teachers Council has suggested inclusion of this document, written by current President, Sherry Freund, for your perusal. It includes a more detailed description of the qualities necessary and the duties of the TBU President.
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Elected Positions Description.docx

This document provides a description of the TBU elected offices.

Please note that Chief Negotiator/Grievance Officer is not up for election in 2019.

AMPA delegates will now be elected under new constitutional rules in October of 2019.

Please also see the document entitled Role of the Bargaining Unit President if interested in this role.
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