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EFG Qualification Bursaries.pdf

Read this document for details on how to apply for our two new Educators' Financial Group Qualifications Bursaries. Each year, we will award one $250.00 bursary to an Occasional Teacher and one $250.00 bursary to a Contract Teacher. These bursaries are courtesy of OSSTF-owned Educators Financial Group to support teachers with the rising costs of Additional Qualifications and Additional Basic Qualification courses.

The selection of the bursaries is handled by lottery. Please read details in the downloadable document.
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The Alan Murray Award.docx

The Alan Murray Award is presented annually to a contract teacher who, like Alan Murray who was an outstanding local and provincial OSSTF leader, demonstrates exceptional educational leadership in the areas of teaching, dramatic arts, communications, federation involvement, and concern for high needs students.

Details for application can be found on the attached sheet.
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The David Brohman Award.docx

The David Brohman Award is awarded annually to a contract teacher who, like David Brohman (TBU Chief Negotiator from 2000-2010), is a firm defender of the collective agreement, advocates for teachers, displays a passion for public education, displays acts of compassion and caring for family and colleagues, and who is driven to improve the public education student for teachers and students alike.

Details for application are highlighted on the attached sheet.
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Occasional Teacher Excellence Award.pdf

Co-Sponsored by OSSTF District 24 T/OTBU and Educators Financial Group

The sponsors of this new TBU Award recognize that Excellence In Occasional Teaching demands outstanding commitment, focus, and effort. The Occasional Teacher must be able to demonstrate an
unwavering level of professionalism while encountering a range of situations on a day-to-day

The Excellence In Occasional Teaching Award is awarded annually to the T/OTBU
Member(s) who regularly excels as an Occasional Teacher as per the criteria listed in the attached document.

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